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St Regis

Aspen, Co

With its 1,420 evacuated tubes, this solar thermal system was the second largest on a commercial building in the United States at the time of install. Output from the system ranges from 1 to 2.5 million BTUs per day, depending on the time of year. In less than a year, the St. Regis has reported an energy savings of $80,000. This savings, coupled with rebates, grants, and incentives puts their return on investment under 2 years! This means that the savings for the rest of the system’s lifespan (18 to 28 years) is money earned.

Location 315 East Dean Street, Aspen, Colorado
System Type Raised Panel Rooftop Solar Thermal
System Size 1.6 MW, Grid-Tied
Annual Energy Output 584 MW or 19.9 MThms
Annual Energy Costs Before Solar $212,000
Annual Energy Costs After Solar $90,000
Total Cost $549,000
ROI Period Estimated: 2-4 years

Actual: 1.2 years

System Footprint 2,900 Sq Ft
Installation Planning Time Frame 6 Months
Actual Installation Time Frame 4.2 Weeks
Energy Incentive/Credit Programs Utilized Federal Tax Credits, Holy Cross Electric Incentives,

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