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Consulting and Grant Writing

Providing you with the very best services for your application.

How Can We Help?:

InnerSol will ensure you are taking full advantage of all incentive programs available for your project, even if your project has already been completed. We can assist with planning and budgeting to build the business case for your solar project. Understanding your needs and getting you the best possible funding available in todays market is a big part of what we focus on. We believe this sets us apart and helps to ensure the success of your project.

We offer assistance on projects underway that have encountered technical or financial hurdles so your project can continue on and grow the way it should.

Growth And Profitability

Our established techniques ensure the growth and profitability of your solar project. We can help overcome any objections and assist our clients with securing the financing that the project requires. We have the ability to move your needs to the next level and get your project on the advancement path.


Get proper control over your energy costs and save on your monthly bill all while helping to make your planet a better place with clean, renewable energy. Contact our sales department via email, phone or online chat below. We have consultation team on stand-by waiting to hear about your project. 

Everything You Need

We will take care of your solar project from start to finish. Not only from consultation, but a complete project evaluation to ensure your needs are being met 100%. And It all starts the moment you contact us. We will put together a customized solar solution that works for you. 



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