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Inn at Schofield Barracks

Oahu, HA

Over a period of just 7 weeks, a total of 700 solar PV panels (rated at 285 Wp each, for a total of 199kW-DC-STC) were installed on the rooftop of the Inn at Schofield Barracks, located in the heart of Oahu, Hawaii.

Attached to 282 of these PV panels are Sundrum Solar’s solar thermal collectors, which feed the domestic hot water supply of the hotel in addition to improving the efficiency of the PV panels. To further improve efficiency and monitoring of the PV system, eIQ voltage boosters are utilized to reduce voltage drop, improve efficiency and MPP tracking, as well as monitor each panel’s production individually.

We at InnerSol believe in reducing energy demand wherever possible. For this reason, in addition to solar, InnerSol replaced antiquated hot water boilers, storage tanks, and a cooling tower with higher efficiency ones. This improved the building’s electricity load by reducing the power demand by 20%, as well as the propane demand by an estimated 30%. This results in a project with a much greater overall efficiency and coverage. This installation benefitted from over 8 federal, local, and utility rebates. Included in these were the Federal 30% cash grant, Federal MACRS with Bonus Depreciation of 100%, Hawaii renewable energy generation of 35% of the project’s worth, as well as several production based incentives. This resulted in the project’s ROI being less than 2 years time.



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