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Commercial Establishment

Eagle, CO

In June 2010, InnerSol installed 20 Monocrystalline, 250 Watt, Lumos Solar Inc. Photovoltaic Solar Panels on the roof of this commercial establishment in Eagle, Colorado. These panels produce 5,000 Watts, or 5 kW, of electricity every hour. This is equivalent to the average hourly usage of 5 Coloradoan homes. Utilizing a Centralized Inverter technology, the SunnyBoy, and Unirack’s SolarMount railing system, the installation had quick design and installation time. After the initial visit of the installation site-to-be, InnerSol carefully calculated the irradiance, voltage loss, and panel locations over the first two weeks of May. Once the system design was complete, it was submitted for permitting and the panels were shipped.

Financials: This renewable energy project will benefit from the following incentives: The federal government will give 30% of the total system cost as tax credits. The 10 Million Solar Roofs and 10 Million Gallons of Solar Water Heating Act of 2010 is another federal government incentive, offering up to $1.75 per watt. The state of Colorado is omitting sales tax on green projects. The GEO Fund of Colorado, launched in April 2010, will offer an additional 20-30% off of the project’s cost. The local utility company, Holy Cross, is offering cash back for green projects, currently paying $1.00 per Watt installed.



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